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Today, protection systems for professional premises are increasingly sophisticated. Among the most effective security solutions, video surveillance is one of the most popular for securing offices and businesses. It is a device that is able to film and record images permanently. Video surveillance installation, alarms or others, discover all the solutions to put in place to better secure your work premises.

Video surveillance installation, why secure your offices?

In recent years, offices and businesses have been the main targets of burglars. Burglaries and acts of vandalism are becoming more frequent, especially in larger cities. Owners are obliged to find effective solutions to protect their premises and their property. The video surveillance installation is an ultra-efficient security system to protect your offices and stores against any break-in attempt. On the market, there is a wide range of video surveillance systems , depending on your needs and your budget. Visit the website https://www.lyon-alerte.comto find a video surveillance installation that suits the needs of your premises.

The installation of a video surveillance system improves the security of your work premises. The installation of this type of device offers enormous advantages:

A deterrent effect

The main purpose of installing CCTV in your business premises is to deter thugs and burglars. In the event of an intrusion attempt, malicious individuals may change their minds in the presence of a video protection system.

An alert in the event of an intrusion

The installed surveillance cameras can be associated with motion detectors equipped with infrared. They emit an audible alarm directly in the presence of individuals on the premises, to alert the owner in the event of a break-in.

Evidencein court or before insurers

Thanks to the images and videos recorded on a surveillance camera, the owner of the premises has irrefutable proof in the context of legal proceedings . Viewing records can even help identify those responsible. The videos also allow you to benefit from the support of insurance companies after a theft or a burglary on your premises.

Installing a CCTV system requires some technical knowledge and skills. It is advisable to call a professional directly to guarantee a well-done installation. A professional technician is able to:

carry out a quality installation, following the safety rules;

provide tailor-made support to the owner of the premises, for the choice and installation of protective devices;

propose formulas adapted to your budget;

perform a service covered by insurance.

CCTV installation prices may vary depending on the professional requested. Do not hesitate to ask for a detailed quote to get an idea of ​​the budget required for the service.

Need to install a CCTV system in your business premises? Some key elements must be considered to ensure effective installation.

The location must be in strategic places allowing to have a good angle of view in case of burglary or break-in. A single camera may not be enough depending on the size of the space to be monitored. A professional installer can accompany you in the realization of your project  : choice of the number of cameras as well as the most suitable model.

Study the resistance and robustness of the devices

A surveillance camera to be installed inside a room will not necessarily be suitable for an outdoor space . For outdoor cameras, the models chosen must have good weather resistance . It would not be wise to install a device that will not be operational after a few months due to poor resistance to time. It’s a sure waste of money.

Video surveillance is not the only safe and effective solution to guarantee maximum protection of your work premises. This device can be combined with other high-performance systems.

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