Wondering how to reach financially affluent (wealthy) people with Facebook Ads advertising ?

Certain advertising features will allow you to reach these Internet users with high incomes and therefore high purchasing power in order to sell your high-end products & services.

By targeting people with more purchasing power, you put the odds on your side to:

get a better conversion rate as targeted people will be more likely to buy your products/services

obtain a better engagement rate by displaying advertisements that can potentially be more interesting to an audience capable of buying

Target by age group

Target audiences similar to your client file

Target by high-paying job title

Target frequent international travelers

Target high earners by postal code

In France, it is quite easy to find out about the postal codes where the price per m2 is the highest. For example, you can consult tools like Best Agents which will give you neighborhood-by-neighbourhood visibility on this subject.

Below is a map listing the arrondissements by color, with the most red indicating the most expensive locations.

After doing this little market research, fill in the list of locations for your Facebook ad set with the associated zip codes, such as below:

On this occasion, it would be interesting to set up campaigns with the “Advantage + campaign budget optimization” feature in order to compare several audiences (districts) with the same overall budget, and thus identify the place generating the most conversions for your activity.

Target by age group

We must not hide behind our little finger here: with a few exceptions, it is quite simple to say that the older we are, the more likely we are to have a higher purchasing power in comparison with young populations. .

Therefore, do not hesitate, if you want to reach high-income audiences, to target from 45-50 years old, being particularly present on Facebook (a little less on Instagram).

Target audiences similar to your client file

Facebook Lookalike Audiences are lists of people who have similarities with a data source of your choice.

If you are looking for an audience with high purchasing power/potential for your products & services, you can communicate your customer listing to Facebook in your Ads Manager so that it can identify people with similar profiles. to your customers.

Target by high-paying job title

This is an often overlooked targeting option in Facebook advertising.

The advertising module will allow you to reach B2B audiences , that is to say according to professional criteria.

You could then fill in the titles of liberal professions known to be very often highly remunerative, such as lawyers for example.

To do this, go to the “Advanced targeting” section, then click on “Browse”, “Demographic data”, “Employment” then “Positions”.

You can then type in the trades of your choice, and add them as targeting criteria if they are popular enough.

Target frequent international travelers

A wealthy person is able to travel abroad regularly for holidays, but also for work if they hold a position of high responsibility.

Good news: Facebook will allow you to reach these people with a specific targeting criterion available in its “Advanced targeting” section.

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