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To benefit from a favorable SEO on Google and increase traffic on your website, you need an effective content strategy. Here we explain how to use content creation to your advantage to increase your visibility on search engines, while building your brand awareness with your current and future customers.

Whether we are talking about audience, target audience or persona, the question is always the same: who are you addressing? Take the time to define the profile of this person: age, gender, education, career, interests, needs, habits, etc. Even if you think you know your customers well, take the time to learn about them by consulting social networks and other tools at your disposal.

This first step is very important, because the better you know your potential customers, the better you can meet their needs and expectations. This will allow you to implement an effective strategy, develop value-added content and position yourself as a reference with your customers.

Target the right keywords

When we talk about keywords, we refer to the different terms used by Internet users when searching the web.

To optimize your natural referencing (SEO) on Google, each page of your website and each blog post must be related to a specific keyword, a term that ideally generates a lot of traffic and which, of course, is related to the content of your page. Several software are available online to help you in your search: Semrush , Keyword Tool , etc.

At District Web, we master these tools. Our SEO strategists and web writing experts are able to identify the keywords that will allow Internet users to find you and search engines, like Google, to rank you well.

Structure your content strategy

Your content marketing strategy is directly linked to the identity of your company, the message you want to convey and the image you want to convey. It relies on an extensive editorial calendar and a vision that encompasses both your website and your presence on social networks. It is the fruit of in -depth reflection .

Bet on optimized content

SEO optimized content will allow you to increase your visibility in search engines and benefit from better positioning. In addition to the choice of keywords, which was discussed previously, you must ensure that the pages of your website include a title (head title), a meta description and an H1 title that include the targeted keyword. It is also recommended to add internal links, images and videos, when possible.

Distribute your articles

The challenge now is to reach your audience. Use your social networks , your newsletter and your other marketing tools to distribute your articles and promote your brand. This will allow you to position yourself as a reference in your field, which will also be beneficial for the natural referencing of your site. To be read, you have to be accessible…

Create an appointment with your community

Within your company, whether through the quality of your products or the consulting services you offer, you have been able to establish a relationship of trust with your customers. On the web, the objective is the same: to retain your audience . This requires a structured editorial calendar and quality content that informs, entertains and arouses emotion. To create this much-desired meeting with your community, adopt a friendly tone and take advantage of social media and your newsletter.

The management of social networks, that knows us. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, our team will help you reach your audience where they are!

Post regularly

your website must be alive and updated on a regular basis. Tip: create a blog ! This will allow you to publish new articles and address new topics related to your field of activity.

Take the time to develop a list of topics to develop. To do this, put yourself in the shoes of your audience: what interests them? Also take advantage of this space to share practical advice and news related to your business or your field of expertise. Offer varied and relevant content. This will enrich your website.

Analyze your site’s performance data

To ensure the performance of your site , it is important to take a step back and analyze the indicators related to traffic and the conversion rate, in particular. This will allow you to better understand what interests your customers, to better target your efforts and, ultimately, to maximize your investment.

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