IP (VoIP) Phones

What is VoIP phone?

A VoIP phone, also known as an IP phone, SIP phone, or softphone, uses VoIP technology to make and receive calls as a digital signal over the Internet, rather than over a physical phone line.

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is considered the future of business communications because it offers the connectivity, flexibility, agility and mobility that modern organizations need.

This technology can be installed on a softphone or a “basic” professional telephone. However, having dedicated hardware for your VoIP phone allows you to take advantage of additional features. In order to help you make the best choice, we explain in this article what are the different types of VoIP telephony with their operation and their advantages. We also bring you a list of the best VoIP phones of 2021.

What are the types of VoIP phones?

A VoIP phone can take different forms, from a simple software softphone to hardware equipment. There are 6 main types.

Desktop VoIP Phones

Desktop VoIP phones look like standard analog phones, but are designed to connect to your VoIP phone system or service provider via Ethernet. They come with the basic features of traditional phone systems like voicemail and group calls.

Wireless IP Phones (SIP)

IP cordless telephones consist of a base and a DECT (for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) handset. They are intended to be connected directly to a Wifi router, an internet box or a network socket.

Softphones or software phones

A softphone is a software application that is installed on your desktop computer, laptop or smartphone. This application then allows you to make and receive calls using the internet connection rather than the telephone network.

Softphones are ideal for employees who travel regularly, sales representatives, teleworkers or call centers.

Conference VoIP Phones

VoIP conference phones are very similar to office phones, but they incorporate additional features to optimize video and audio conferencing.

They usually come with professional-grade speakers and options to manage audio quality.

USB Phones

A USB phone is, as its name suggests, equipped with a USB socket to be connected directly to a computer. It then makes it possible to communicate via a softphone while maintaining the comfort of a telephone handset.

Video phones

A video phone, sometimes called videophone, is a VoIP phone that incorporates a camera to film the interlocutors in real time. It is therefore an ideal support for videoconferences.

How to choose the right phones that work with VoIP systems?

To choose the right VoIP phone, consider the following criteria:

The main objective of VoIP is to improve connectivity by using the Internet rather than the telephone network. Good connectivity is therefore a key criterion when choosing a VoIP phone.

Phones with Wi-Fi connectivity are handy, especially if you’re looking for cordless phones. Models with built-in Bluetooth are also great because they allow workers to use headsets hands-free.

How to choose a VoIP phone

With VoIP telephony, the Internet connection can affect call quality, but this is far from the main cause. A good IP phone should be designed with clarity and audio quality in mind. If you use this equipment for your professional activity, choose models offering HD voice quality.

The features offered

The best VoIP phones are often more than just a phone system for a business. They incorporate features that make them real productivity tools. Before making your choice, check that your phone offers options that suit your needs, such as:

 However, check the terms of your VoIP providers or services as some only accept specific phone models.

The price is always an essential selection criterion. For VoIP telephony, the price-performance ratio is decisive. There’s no benefit to going for a high-end IP phone if you don’t need all of its features.

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