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Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) has been a major web marketing strategy for the past two decades. SEO has grown in importance since 2007, especially when the economy fell and businesses looked for more affordable ways to promote their products and services.

The key role of SEO is to improve the ranking of a website in search engines, which leads to an increase in the number of visitors to your site. As businesses discover the effectiveness and reach of online marketing, they realize the value of high search engine rankings.

As more and more businesses (including your competitors) use SEO, achieving the top spot in search results becomes much more competitive. In order to achieve top rankings for relevant search phrases, many businesses entrust their online optimization needs to an experienced SEO marketing firm, so they have the time and effort to get the best results. results.

What an effective SEO implementation brings

Increase the number of keywords customers use to search for and find you.

Improve the relevance of visitors who come to your site. If their level of interest is higher than the average visitor, they are more likely to take action on your site and increase conversions/leads.

Identify weaknesses in your online presence and ways to improve them.

While search engine sites send visitors to your site, other websites that also send visitors to you are commonly referred to as “referrers” or “inbound referrers.” Inbound referrals (or leads) are links to other websites that visitors have clicked on to reach your site.

Inbound Marketing is an important tactic in search optimization. Link building is a very competitive marketing strategy. Although it should be approached with caution, building a network of quality inbound links is most effective when pursued on an ongoing basis. Check out Inbound Marketing to learn why you want more inbound links from relevant, quality websites.

If the role of SEO is to increase traffic and the level of relevant web visitors, it is not exactly the main cause of customer conversions on your site. Optimization can support and improve the other factors involved, but these other elements must be addressed to increase customer engagement and conversions. See Conversion Marketing, which discusses the importance of engaging and converting customers online.

When is the best time to optimize?

The most effective time to begin search optimization is during the initial planning stages of website design. A thorough SEO analysis helps identify tools, features, and content that would boost your site’s rankings and conversion success. Trying to integrate certain elements after the design phase can hinder the next stage of development or hinder the effectiveness of optimization.

The earlier SEO is integrated into the development of your online strategy, the more effective and better the results. Successful optimization can provide valuable insights that enhance the visitor’s experience and along different levels of engagement. Take advantage of your SEO strategist collaborating with your website designer and programmer. For clients requesting search optimization services, our SEO strategist is involved from the start.

An experienced web marketing team gathers information from a variety of resources. Website traffic history, customer feedback, customers targeted by the site, competitor efforts and results…all of these are used to identify key strengths and challenges. Search engine marketing tactics are initiated and customized based on how they will positively influence your users’ experience and actions on your site.

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