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In addition to strengthening your company’s notoriety, a well-crafted SEO strategy will increase traffic to your website and, ultimately, increase your sales … We managed to pique your curiosity? In this blog, we present the main steps to follow to ensure the success of your SEO campaign.

Define your goals

This is the very first step and one of the most important, because it is the objectives that you have formulated that will guide the actions to be implemented. Indeed, if you do not define the target to be reached, it will be impossible to know whether or not your SEO strategy (for Search Engine Optimization) is giving the expected results. This is an exercise that may seem simple, but must be carried out rigorously.

It is not enough to say that you want to increase sales on your online store. You have to be more specific by quantifying the target increase and specifying the time frame required to achieve it. For example: increase sales on my online store by 30% within 12 months.

In formulating your objectives, keep in mind the primary goal of SEO, which is to reach as many potential customers as possible via organic search and to convert their visits to your site into sales.

Monitoring of performance indicators

But how do you know if your efforts are paying off? By tracking key performance indicators! This will allow you to know your positioning on targeted keywords, but also to learn more about the behavior of Internet users (pages visited, duration of sessions, etc.), to adjust your actions and to measure the conversion rate. .

Analyze the user experience of your website

It takes more than a good keyword strategy and SEO optimization to improve your visibility and positioning in search engines. User experience (UX) must also be considered .

User-friendly navigation and a good experience on your pages will positively influence natural referencing and the positioning of your site in search engine results. Conversely, poor results can cause you to plummet in the rankings. Before undertaking SEO actions, it is important to pay attention to these technical considerations and correct them, if necessary.

Target high-performing keywords

To optimize the natural referencing of your site and improve its visibility in search engine results, you must target relevant keywords . For this exercise, you must put yourself in the shoes of Internet users and think of the terms they might use when searching the web, terms that are of course related to your mission, your services and your products

Remember that every page on your website and every blog post must be linked to a keyword.

Develop a content strategy

As we explained to you in a previous blog “  The 8 steps of a successful content strategy  ”, the content strategy is at the heart of the success of your SEO campaign. Here are some tips for using content creation to your advantage .

Bet on optimized content: this is the very essence of SEO!

Distribute your articles: to be read, you have to be accessible. Use all the marketing tools at your disposal to reach your audience: social networks, newsletters, etc.

Create an appointment with your community: associating quality content with a structured editorial calendar will allow you to retain your audience.

Perform an SEO audit

The SEO audit identifies the elements to improve and optimize in order to improve your visibility and your ranking in search engines. Content and user experience are taken into account, along with other factors that are less visible, such as code or page indexing.

Take inventory of pages

To extract your website content (URLs, metadata, status codes, redirects, etc.), you can use a tool like Screaming Frog . This action allows you to see if the pages comply with best practices, if they all have a title (head title) and a meta description and if there are duplicates or display errors.

Work on audit findings

You now have the overall picture of your site ‘s strengths and weaknesses . The next step is to determine the measures to be taken and establish a timetable for implementation. Site accessibility issues should be addressed first. Afterwards, you can tackle the content. Good planning is the basis of a successful SEO campaign!

Optimize local SEO

Local referencing increases the visibility of your website during geolocated queries or queries containing geographic elements (district, city, country, etc.). This is a very important factor for your business since it allows you to reach potential customers who are nearby .

Get backlinks

We talk about backlinks – or backlinks – when another site or another person creates a link to one of your pages. The more relevant backlinks you have, the higher your domain index. In other words, it builds the authority and credibility of your website. For search engines, this indicates that your content is trustworthy.

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